Zoom table limits

The maximum number of tables that you can play at the same time is 24.

How many tables of each type can I open?

When calculating the number of tables you can open, we count regular cash games and Zoom tables differently:

  • Regular cash game tables are worth 1 each. You can only open a maximum of 4 cash tables.
  • You can still multi-table Zoom on top of that. However, each Zoom table counts as 3 regular cash tables towards the total count.

So, if you're already seated at a cash table, you'll only be able to open 7 more Zoom tables, in order to stay under the hard cap of 24.

For example, any of the following combinations would work:

  • 8 Zoom tables if not playing any cash games.
  • 7 Zoom tables if already playing 3 cash games.
  • 6 Zoom tables if already playing 4 cash games.

On the mobile app, you can open a maximum of two Zoom tables at the same time.


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